Play poker – you versus the computer

I built this app as part of the process of learning React, as well as exploring best practices in terms of service workers, caching and progressive web apps.

It's a simple version of draw poker.

Each player starts with ten chips.

Once the cards have been dealt, a player can:

Each player automatically adds one (the ante) to the pot at the start of the game, and each player can raise the stakes once in a given round.

If a player can't match their opponent's stake, they can go all in (bet all their remaining chips) to remain in the game, although this limits their potential winnings based on what they have added to the pot.

After the first round of betting, each player may discard up to three cards and substitute them for new cards from the pack, before the final round of betting.

The game is over when a player folds or when all the betting is done and the players' hands are compared.

At this point, you can play another round. On starting a new round, the players switch places – if you opened the betting in the first round, your opponent will open in the second.

The match is over when a game finishes and one of the players has run out of chips.


I decided to build this game as a project while learning React. For this reason there are probably bugs! Credit for SVG card images: